Zerto Alliance Partner

Zerto Alliance Partner


Richardson Eyres works with Zerto to deliver hypervisor-based replication which excels in every one of the five essential elements of virtual replication and recovery: simple, flexible, Tier I application replication, automation, virtual awareness, and cloud readiness.

Zerto is the only BC/DR solution built for protecting virtualised, mission-critical
applications, it successfully combines virtual-aware replication and recovery with software based, enterprise-class replication:

  • Virtual-Aware: Zerto Hypervisor-based Replication is 100% virtual aware, protecting VMs and VMDKs – not LUNs.
  • Hardware Agnostic: Zerto is fully storage vendor and protocol agnostic, enabling replication from any source to any target.
  • Software Only: Zerto is simple to install, plugging into vSphere and vCloud environments without requiring any hardware or configuration changes.
  • Enterprise Class: Zerto provides block-level continuous replication, delivering RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes, consistency grouping, and point-in-time recovery.
  • Simple: Zerto fully automates failover, failback and testing, reducing complexity by providing a single point of management controlled from vCenter.

With Zerto, your business can achieve:

60% savings in operational expenses

Zerto significantly reduces environment complexity by managing BC/DR at the VM and virtual disk level with one application that is fully integrated into the VMware environment. Fully automated failover, failback and one-click testing provides a fast, effective, consistent and repeatable process.

40% savings on storage costs:

Because Zerto protects at the VM level with no dependency on LUNs, there is no need to over allocate LUNs or to create fixed-size LUNs anymore, resulting in substantial savings of storage utilization. Additionally, since Zerto is hardware agnostic, a less expensive storage or an existing array of a different type can be used for the target array.

UK based Law Firm meets mission critical RPO and RTO Objectives with Zerto

One of the fastest growing law firms in the UK, ranked in the top 25 with over 2000 relies on their IT infrastructure and information availability however current snapshot-based replication does not meet the required recovery time. Using Zerto Virtual Replication, they are now seeing RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes, laying a strong foundation for their continued growth.

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