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Richardson Eyres have strategically aligned with Nimble Storage to provide an innovate and disruptive technology in to the flash/traditional storage area to compete against the Tier I vendors.

Nimble Storage‘s Adaptive Flash platform is the first storage solution to eliminate the flash performance and capacity tradeoff. The Adaptive Flash platform is based on Nimble’s CASL™ architecture, and InfoSight™, the company’s data sciences-based approach to the storage lifecycle.

With Nimble Storage‘s Adaptive Flash platform, it is easy to accommodate application growth by scaling performance, capacity, or both – efficiently and non-disruptively. The CASL architecture enables seamless, independent scaling. InfoSight’s powerful deep-data analytics deliver precise guidance on the optimal scaling approach to fit the requirements of critical applications.

With the Adaptive Flash platform, organisations can:

  • Flexibly scale flash to accommodate a wide variety of application working sets
  • Scale up performance by upgrading compute for greater throughput and IOPS
  • Scale capacity by adding additional HDDs or expansion shelves
  • Scale capacity and performance together by clustering any combination of Nimble Storage arrays

Why Nimble Storage?

  • Significantly improves performance by as much as 10x for VDI or 60% for SQL Server while reducing CAPEX and OPEX (2x to 5x better price/$ and capacity/£ than traditional solutions)
  • Capacity optimizations combined with superior, responsive per­formance—use 30 to 75% less space and get sub-millisecond latencies
  • Simplified data protection—eliminate backup windows and take/retain months’ worth of instant snapshots
  • Operational simplicity—deploy in 3 easy steps
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